Cattle Country

Hi everyone, Please bring your own snacks and drinks. Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow 2nd March at 4.30pm It may be that there is a very very shallow paddling pool for the kids. if your kids like water I suggest either a swim suit if they are mad and hardy at this time … Continue reading Cattle Country

Tot fest meeting 2019

Hi, don’t forget the Tot fest meeting this Tuesday 5th Feb. 10 am in the committee room opposite Quedgeley community centre Hall 2 Everyone is welcome to come along and contribute. No refreshments , sorry could you bring your own, as there are no facilities in this room. Thanks. See you soon xx

We are thinking about next year and need to get together to discuss Tot Fest or something different this year. As Tot fest was really Charlotte’s  inspiration and put together with Paul and Nikki’s support, it may be time to review the format of what we do next year. Hugh-and I were thinking it might … Continue reading