Edge Farm Cottage

Welcomes you for home / community church together. 01452 814311 for more details

Hi all,

the groups are on again after half term.

sorry Monday Club is not on today it’s an Inset day and I had forgotten.

Thursday Bumpz 2 Tots 9.45-11.15 am . Stay and play carers parents and under 5’s

Friday Tots and Toys 9.45 -11.15 am Kingsway Community Centre. As above stay and play with th under 5s in your care. Have a chat and meet other mums dads and carers .

I regret that I am going to ask the groups for a larger donation, of £2.00 per family if we are to break even .

please come if you are unable to donate. However we really are grateful for your donations if you can afford it and we need the £2.00 to cover the costs.

WE are getting together tomorrow ( Sunday 23rd) 11am at Edge Farm Cottage . Whatever your faith you are very welcome to come and share with us . If you are reluctant to join in with praying , singing , reading the Bible and talking about Jesus ….you are welcome to come and eat with us and go off to a different room and watch Tv or play a game whilst we pray and worship.

If you would just like the company do come and join us.
if you want to eat with us though please bring enough food to feed you and your family , but to share with everyone .

looking forward to seeing you all. 11am start. Lunch afterwards.

(we may well be packing bags as gifts for the homeless at some stage )

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