We are thinking about next year and need to get together to discuss Tot Fest or something different this year.

As Tot fest was really Charlotte’s  inspiration and put together with Paul and Nikki’s support, it may be time to review the format of what we do next year.

Hugh-and I were thinking it might be time for a change…..

I am considering hiring out the whole of the community centre for a day in the summer holidays and running activities all day for kids of all ages. This would need teams of people to help organise craft etc. Then the following day or at a later date maybe run a day in our field at the back doing outdoor activities. 

No camping involved . Please have a think and pray about this and if you are interested in being involved, I suggest a meeting in early January. My suggested date would be Tuesday 8th January. 10am come and bring the kids.

I am thinking that we could have a “really wild about us” theme. Duggie Dug could maybe come and do a praise party at the end. 

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